WILD FEATHERS INC. was founded by Allen Hansen.  Al is Metis, born in Fort McMurray in 1962 and has resided there his entire life.  He is also a local trapper in the area.  Al has observed the impact to wildlife over the last 20+ years career as a Firefighter.   This has intrigued a passion to improve employment opportunities for local community members.  His vision is to employ senior staff to build their careers based on the skills of the Aboriginal way of life, while passing those skills onto junior staff and provide a balance between the wildlife industry and traditions.

WILD FEATHERS INC. is 100% aboriginal owned and a full member of NAABA.

WILD FEATHERS INC. is a new aboriginal wildlife management company providing services to clients in the RMWB.

WILD FEATHERS INC. management team has decades of direct oilsands industry experience in the RMWB working for the major plant sites as direct employees and as contractors.

WILD FEATHERS INC. priority is to protect the environment and provide all workers with a safe and healthy work environment, while providing the highest quality products and services on-time while maintaining production.

WILD FEATHERS INC. promotes HSE awareness and culture on all of our projects and set it as an example in our industry for others to follow.

WILD FEATHERS INC. employees are trained to provide a multi-skilled and efficient workforce. We have established clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for all levels of our staff.

WILD FEATHERS INC. programs train, educate and deem all levels of our employees and leaders competent in all aspects.


  • Certified trappers
  • Wildlife control specialists
    • Wildlife Monitoring
    • Mouse Trapping
    • Beaver Trapping
    • Bear Awareness and Wildlife Awareness Training

We maintain a high-quality standard in the degree that all services, equipment and materials are reliable, maintainable, and sustainable.

WILD FEATHERS works together with our Stakeholders to achieve the industries common goal of zero workplace incidents, while providing the highest quality products and services on-time while maintaining production.